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Services: Aditus Solutions Group LLC agrees to provide investigative services as requested by the client. The scope of the investigation will be determined through discussions with the client and may be modified as needed.
Fees and Payment: The client agrees to pay for the services rendered by Aditus Solutions Group LLC at the agreed-upon rate, including any expenses incurred during the investigation. Payment terms will be outlined in the service agreement, and the client will be invoiced accordingly.
Retainer: The client is required to provide a retainer fee before the commencement of investigative services. This fee will be applied toward the final invoice, with any unused portion refunded to the client upon completion of the investigation.
Termination of Services: Either party may terminate the agreement with written notice. In such cases, the client will be responsible for payment of all services rendered up to the point of termination.
Confidentiality and Privacy Policies:
Confidentiality: Aditus Solutions Group LLC and its investigators will treat all information obtained during the course of the investigation as confidential. The firm agrees not to disclose any information, findings, or evidence to any third party without the prior written consent of the client, except as required by law.
Client Privacy: Aditus Solutions Group LLC will take reasonable measures to protect the personal information of the client. This includes safeguarding the client's contact information, payment details, and any sensitive information shared during the course of the investigation.
Subject Privacy: Aditus Solutions Group LLC will conduct its investigations in a manner that respects the privacy rights of the subjects under investigation. This includes adhering to applicable laws and regulations concerning privacy, data protection, and surveillance.
Data Retention and Destruction: Aditus Solutions Group LLC will retain the client's information and case files for a period specified by law or in accordance with the firm's data retention policy. Upon the expiration of the retention period, the firm will securely destroy all data and files related to the case.
Data Security: Aditus Solutions Group LLC will implement appropriate security measures to protect client and case data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. This includes the use of secure storage, encryption, and access controls.
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